Since theinception of Joud Group, our goal has been to make it one of the leading traders of petroleum products. Over the years, we have succeeded to earn an international reputation as a front-line trader. We now provide competent and effective professional shipping and petroleum consultancy services around the world.

Our customers benefit from our unparalleled reach and the excellence in our services,whichstems from our intimate knowledge ofthe petroleum industry. Our success is built on years of expertise and on our team’s competence; its members have always devoted their efforts, knowledge and experience to best serve our company and its clients.

We have now started to expand our business by opening up branch offices in different countries around the world.Our aim is to build on our successes and maintain the excellent reputation that we have worked very hard to achieve. We will continue to strive for quality and excellence, as always, in all aspects of our work. We have many challenges to face but I am very optimistic about ourfuture;just as I am proud of our past achievements.

I would like to express my warmest gratitude to all our employees and our able seafarers for their efforts to increase our performance. I have no doubt that they will continue to exert more efforts,so that we meet our objective and become an even stronger regional and international petroleum service provider.

Mohanad H. Alwan

Managing Director

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