Shipping has always been the backbone of international trade. Nowadays, with fast economic growth in many countries, the volume of cargo transported is rapidly increasing. This growth has induced profound changes in the shipping business, from business strategies and procedures to the manner in which the providers of support services have evolved, in order to meet their customers’ needs.

We, at Joud Marine Services, have been acting since 2004 as an agent for the proper delivery of cargo. As maritime trade routes are becoming more lucrative, our efficient, timely and cost-effective services are being sought by an increasing number of clients. We also provide assistance services, targeting every possible need of your vessel and the welfare of seafarers.

The recent carrier mergers and acquisitions induced large economies of scale: shipping lines now serve wider regions, with a higher number of port calls. Some companies have even opted to set their own agency services. These developments create new challenges for us: we now have to adapt and become more flexible in order to remain competitive. The joint efforts of all the members of our team help us in achieving this target and make us more reliable every day.

As the managing director of Joud Marine Services, I believe that our strength lies primarily in the dedication of our staff and our client-oriented approach of business. Indeed, one of the most important elements of our success is the trust relationship that we build with our customers. We always value their feedback on our services and their suggestions of improvement. That helps us to better serve their interests and meet their expectations, in this ever-changing globalized world of trade.

Mohanad H. Alwan

Managing Director

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