Joud Marine Services is a branch of Joud Group. Based in Iraq, we provide our customers with an unequaled service tailored to their special needs. We deliver resources in a timely and effective manner; we also provide outstanding port agency services, crew change services, marine spare parts delivery, bunkering, supply of ship provisions and other associated marine services.

Our dedicated and well-experienced team has allowed us to develop a unique range of capacities, covering the key needs of the sector. These include the requirements of oil majors and traders for safe and reliable storage facilities, transportation, and the safe delivery of oil products.

Our company complies with the constantly-changing regulations of maritime transport. As compliancy issues increase operational expenses, dealing with different agents across global routes can lead to time-consuming and costly administrative procedures. It also creates uncertainty over the levels of service and performance of the different agents.

Choosing Joud Marine Services as an agent will help you to ensure smooth operations throughout the vessel’s journey. Our team will also provide you with proper and updated documentation for each vessel call.


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