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Joud Energy Co. has been a petroleum trader and bunker supplier since 2004. We are one of the leading integrated petroleum suppliers in the Gulf region and have now become the first supplier of petroleum products to state-owned oil companies in the Middle East.

We buy and sell the full range of petroleum products and are involved in every facet of the oil industry. Our expertise in blending allows to deliver high quality products and the lowest grades of fuel oil. We have our own tanker vessels for the safe transportation of oil products, which enables delivery cost benefits and a quick response to market opportunities.

Our company complies with the constantly-changing regulations of maritime transport. As compliancy issues increase operational expenses, dealing with different agents across global routes can lead to time-consuming and costly administrative procedures. It also creates uncertainty over the levels of service and performance of the different agents.Our success is driven by our dedicated team and their commitment to obtain the best results in the right way. We operate responsibly, execute all our tasks with excellence, apply innovative techniques and always strive to capture new opportunities for profitable growth

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